About Us

There are much rancor and antagonism against one another among communities and civilizations, especially post 9/11. These misunderstandings have been talked of in terms of the clash of civilizations. But there is a space of mutuality and sharing – a fraternity built on understanding.  Rather than flaring up tensions by endlessly discoursing on controversial issues, there should be a whole-hearted attempt to chronicle the features of cultures and civilizations where the legacy of all communities remain albeit unrecorded.  So are issues of women and human rights, relevant even in this globalized scenario. Hence Islam Interactive.

Interactive aims to become a pioneering web magazine proposed to be brought out every week, focusing on issues like inter-religious and communal harmony, culture, human rights, women, etc.   Issues that, despite their significance, have not discoursed in the mainstream media with the seriousness they deserve.  Thus, we hope to fill a vacuum in the sphere of cyber journalism.  There would also be elements in the magazine like Question & Answer on Islam, counseling and career guidance that would be of keen interest to average netizens.

Interactive Editorial Team
Editor: KC Saleem
Associate Editor: Dr. Auswaf Ahsan