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Aligarh Founder’s Urdu Periodical Goes Online

“Tehzibul Akhlaq”, one of the oldest periodicals of the country, started in 1870 by the founder of the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, has now launched its online edition. The magazine carries articles on important social, cultural and religious issues in line with Sir Syed’s reforms.

The Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University, Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Zameer Uddin Shah has directed Prof. Sagheer Afrahim, the Editor of the magazine to initiate its digital edition for spreading the message of Sir Syed across the globe. The digitized version of the periodical has been published online on the university’s website www.amu.ac.in.

Sir Syed also started a bilingual monthly of the University in 1866, The Aligarh Muslim University Gazette, which is already published on the AMU website. It is popularly known as “The Aligarh Institute Gazette”.

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