April 20, 2012 By Shauqeen Mizaj

Amidst Anxiety Over Survival, Critiques Surge On Obama’s Interference

o1When he was sworn in as the first Black President of the United States, Barack Obama was celebrated as having made history and the moment was etched in the history of the United States as an erasure of the last lingering traces of racism.  But the same man has recently hit the headlines for wrong reasons. Not just recently, but not long after that moment which rewrote history. With controversies surfacing last year regarding his failure to refashion the American economy, approval rates sunk below fifty percent. World leaders remarked that he was not able to rise up to the expectations. The diminishing public strength of Obama has left the Democrats anxious about the midterm election results.Years back in May 2008, Obama had warned while formally opening his reelection campaign that he would “never be a perfect president”.

Years after his promise of revolutionizing the American economy, the national debt of the U.S government has increased by more than $6 trillion since he took office. He always seems to have a deep sense of conviction that he could connect to and convince anyone be it the Democrats or the religious leaders of Tehran. This overconfidence may have destabilized him gradually. Recently one of the Democratic lawmakers remarked that he was becoming “poisonous” to the party’s candidates. The once supportive high profile members of the economy have already abandoned him. Adding to this is Obama’s poking his nose into world affairs, whether it be war, geopolitical discords, referendums and petty regional matters. He has been criticised for issuing statements and pursuing steps which can be plainly interpreted as interference. The moves in turn aid him to accomplish the master plan he has outlined which forms the basis of the US policy of dominating the world. Perhaps it is all part of a rigged game headed by Mr. President.

Obama has been condemned profoundly by the world leaders for his unwelcome nosiness. In an interview recently, to New Yorker magazine editor David Remnick, Obama revealed his intention of ending the centuries-long Sunni-Shia conflicts prevailing in the Muslim community by which he could improve the US-Iran relationship that had been stained with tension, violence and eventual taciturnity for almost thirty years since the Islamic revolution in 1979. It is totally ridiculous of him to think that he could end a theological dispute that has been continuing since seventh century. Obama also opposed Iran’s nuclear programs permanently fearing Iran’s employment of nuclear missiles in Israel when provoked. But the undeniable truth is the fear of the US that Iran would spring up to the position of supreme world power which would be a threat to US.

Venezuela recently lashed out against Obama for interfering in the country’s internal affairs and demanded an explanation as to why the White House finances, encourages and defends opposition forces that promote violence in the country emphasising that it would intercept Obama’s interventionist policy. Another recent episode of Obama’s reprehensible meddling was his meeting with exiled Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama despite China’s strong objection that it would damage the Sino-American relations. As far as the Ukrainian crisis is concerned, Obama was totally opposed to the rigged Crimea referendum through which Putin seized back the Black Sea Peninsula from Ukraine, refusing to recognize the outcome of the poll. Now that the Crimeans formally declared their independence and celebrated their rejoining to the motherland, the US and the EU have enforced sanctions on many Russian officials including travel restrictions and asset freezes and Putin, in response to the sanctions, is composing his retaliation list which includes many Obama administration officials and high profile US senators. The indictments, subsequent arrest and strip search of the Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade by the federal government have already strained the US-India relations leading to an eventual standoff.

Be it disrupting the political atmosphere in Egypt, the futile peacemaking attempts in Palestine, aggravating violence in Syria, defying his counterparts and sending more troops to Afghanistan and not to forget the invasion and complete obliteration of Iraq which he later confessed as a “Dumb war”, Obama had tried it all; but in vain. All have remained immune to his magic including the Taliban. The Snowden revelations about the mass surveillance by NSA aggravated the situations with US facing severe compulsion from the world nations to hand over its responsibility of overseeing the system of net addresses and eventually stepping back from its role.

Obama and his government will adopt the same tactics which they have been persistently following hunting for ways to poke into others affairs and emphasizing their target of reigning at the top.

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