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Censoring Cuss Words from your Favorite Novel? : A New App to Help


Are your favorite books so nettling with cuss words that however much you want them to read you toss them aside out of distaste? Or what if you don’t like profanity in your child’s books? Let “Clean Reader” make it easy for you. This new app censors e-books from cuss words. The app has been developed by Jared and Kristen Maughan from Idaho, US, who were worried about their daughter whoe began to read books with significant cuss words. This led them to develop the idea.

The app is currently available for free in both App Store and Google play. Users can choose from three setting, ‘Clean’, ‘Cleaner’, and ‘Squeaky Clean’. The app unclear the F-word, the S-word and all their substitutions along with racial slurs and other racy terms, coming to a total of more than 100 words. And it’s an ever-growing list!

The creators of Clean Reader explain, “If there are books you’ve put off reading because you’ve heard they’re full of curse words, chosen to stop reading some books because you weren’t comfortable with the bad language in them, or if you worry about what’s in the books your children read … then Clean Reader is for you!”

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