January 8, 2013 By Shameem SAP

Choco Fruits Pudding

puddingRushing to get one’s hands on a luscious pudding after meal is a familiar sight in weddings and parties. Who doesn’t fall for a delectable treat when they invite us with their tempting appearance and arresting aroma? Everyone loves sweets, especially to conclude a meal as it gives a feeling of fullness. Sweet after food is more of a tradition and has been like that for years. The word Pudding comes from French word Boudin which originated from a Latin phrase botellus meaning a small sausage or encased meat which was then the medieval European pudding. Sweets are always associated with prizes, birthdays, weddings and all wonderful moments in our lives and hence linked to positive feeling and happiness. There is no reason why people go for a sweet ending always!! According to experts, you crave something sweet because sugar and carbohydrates prompt your body to release serotonin, a mood elevating brain chemical. Low serotonin levels make you depressed and sad. Hence eating something sweet can undoubtedly switch on your mood and get you going.
Following is a pudding recipe which will definitely make you delightfully dizzy.


1) Nutella     – 200g
2) Whipped cream    – 250g
3) Bread slices, edges cut   – 8-10
4) Chocolate biscuits    – 175g 4 pkts
5) Milk     – 500ml
6) Sweetened condensed milk  – 195g
7) Dates, apricots
8) Strawberry,  kiwi, pineapple- finely sliced
9) Pistachios, cashews – roasted

• Add dry fruits, nuts and fruits according to your choice.

1) In a medium sized pudding dish, spread Nutella evenly. This forms the base of the pudding.
2) Whip cream in a blender until it is fluffy, add condensed milk to it and blend again to achieve the required consistency. Apply the mixture in 1cm thickness, evenly on top of nutella.
3) Place the fruits on top of this whipped cream layer.
4) Mix milk and condensed milk together. Dip each bread slice into the mixture and arrange them on the fruits layer.
5) Put dates and apricots lavishly on the already soaked bread slices.
6) Add the roasted pistachios and cashew nuts on the dry fruits.
7) Dissolve the chocolate biscuits in milk and apply this paste over the roasted nuts.
8) Finally spread the whipped cream evenly on top and all sides.
9) Decorate generously with sliced strawberry and kiwi.

All the ingredients are easily available and the quantity of each item required is less. You can also vary the amount of ingredients added or their order in the pudding. The above recipe is great for special occasions and is sure to captivate one and all.

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