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Deadly Tornadoes Hit Southern US


At least sixteen people were killed after a destructive tornado struck Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas on Sunday night. More storms are expected in the central and southern US in the days following.

The largest tornado struck on Sunday around 7pm about 10 miles west of Little Rock, Arkansas, continuing for 80 miles and growing to be a half-mile wide. The twisters were devastating crushing the buildings, overturning the vehicles and injuring hundreds. A curfew was imposed on Monday and the emergency crew continues their search for survivors among the wreckage. Six people were reported killed in Alabama and seven in Mississippi on Monday evening and out of the 16 people who died on Sunday night, 14 of them belonged to the suburbs of Little Rock, Arkansas.

President Barack Obama, on a trip to the Philippines, offered his condolences on Sunday and said that the federal emergency officials would be on the ground to help. Sunday marks the third anniversary of a 122-tornado day, which struck parts of Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia killing 316 people.

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