June 8, 2015 By Interactive News Desk

God as ‘She’


A group of women priests within the Church of England want to start referring to God as ‘She’ to combat sexism, the proposal gone controversial.

‘When we use only male language for God we reinforce the idea that God is like a man and, in doing so, suggest that men are therefore more like God than women,” says the Rev. Emma Percy, chaplain of Trinity College. Percy is a member of Watch (Women and the Church), the group which pushed for women bishops, but says this is not a political issue like the ordaining of female bishops.

“Calling God “He” exclusively means that women can see themselves as less holy and less able to represent Christ in the world,” according to Rev. Percy. “If we take seriously the idea that men and women are made in the image of God, both male and female language should be used.” Some female priests say they are already quietly dropping the use of “He” and “Him” when referring to God.

It is now more than 20 years since the first woman was ordained as a Church of England priest, and the first woman bishop – the Rev Libby Lane – was consecrated this year.

Miss Widdecombe, who left the Church of England and became a Catholic over the decision to ordain women as priests, said: ‘God clearly isn’t a She as a She can’t be a father. This is plain silly, unbiblical and ridiculous. I think it’s the work of a few lunatics.’

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