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‘Headscarves’ turn women jobless

Reports have started to pour in indicating that Muslim women face second grade treatments due to headscarves. Whether it be forbidding entry to schools, collegesand job interviews or physical and psychological abuses at work places, on the streets or at home, Muslim women in headscarves are having a tough time.
A survey whether Muslim women were affected when applying for jobs at German companies was conducted and it was found that the German firms were less willing to invite the applicant for interviews if they wore a headscarf in their photo. This was either because of the dislike for Muslims or due to the concern of the employers that such people will be less productive at work.
The same is the case with Sudanese women who have been suffering ruthless and merciless abusesregardless of their race, age, religion and background for the 25 years. They continue to face agony due to the constant threats or even physical assaults on the basis of what they wear or their mere presence on the streets. A majority of women are denied legal representation and tried through “summary trials” followed by a sentence to prison or flogging.
In another incident in south Stockholm suburb of Farsta, a pregnant woman was hospitalized with a concussion after having her head slammed into a car. It took place shortly before midnight on Friday. The woman had her headscarf ripped off during the incident and believes that her faith is the reason for the attack. No arrests have been made till now.
Meanwhile in Sweden the organizers of “hijab outcry” appealed to the Justice Minister Beatrice to ensure the safety and religious freedom of Swedish Muslim women without being subjected to verbal and physical assaults.
Many Muslim women have come forward to protest against the oppression Muslim women are facing worldwide and many posted a picture of them in Hijab on the social networking sites as a part of the protest.

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