April 10, 2015 By Interactive News Desk

Hope and Despair Ahead of Americas Summit


The US Secretary of State John Kerry has recently met Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez on the eve of the 7th summit of the Americas, which is expected to bring together representative of 35 countries of the region and will be inaugurated on April 10 in the Panamanian capital. The Us government has said that the two leaders have made progress  with the talk and that they would continue their effort of resolving serious issues that have caused the relation of the two countries to deteriorate over the past years. Obama’s decision to move toward restoring full diplomatic ties has been a big change in relations since the Cuban revolution.  A US official has made it clear that the talk between Kerry and Rodriguez would ease the diplomatic tensions that exist among the countries.

However,  Pensando Americas has it that there would not be any declaration of Panama at the Summit of the Americas. The website has made its allegation against the United States and Canada which, according to them, are responsible for the potential indecison. In relation to the environment and the right to free education, the Latin American and Caribbean countries have defended their positions and wanted the lifting of the executive order of the US president against Venezuela.

Although the biggest economic power and the most influential voice in the region, the US’s sway over Latin America is limited. It has already been revealed that while the Obama administration seeks to normalize relations with Cuba, it would take tough stand against the government of Venezuela and would make attempts to silence dissent in the oil-rich but economically struggling country.  Being a colonial power and responsible for life-long diplomatic tensions in the hemisphere, it is not surprising that the US state has already taken some strategies, which has colonial underpinning, prior to the summit.

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