November 19, 2013 By

Iranian President and ministers embrace Social media

imagesAmidst the much hyped over ban on the social networking sites in Iran, the Iranian ministers including the president Hassan Rouhani have embraced social media. Many more cabinet ministers are becoming active online encouraging others to join the sites like face book and twitter.

The people of Iran breathed a sigh of relief hoping that the existing stringent restrictions implemented by the government over the internet usage will be lifted. Iran’s internet big brother was set up last year to monitor the activities of Iranians online in addition to the new website launched by the Iranian cyber police to tackle cyber crimes. Iran is counted in the list of “Internet Enemies”.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan had blamed the social media for provoking the protests. He called it a menace to the society for the protestors had used the social networking sites for mobilizing support and documenting crackdowns in the street.

With Rouhani’s entry into the social media, everything is falling into place for the Iranians especially the young generation with increased internet access, improved connection speed and restoring of VPN accounts.

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