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Israel Exploits Tragedy: Tibi


Arab Knesset Member (Arab member in Israeli Parliament) Ahmed Tibi, a vociferous critic of Israeli policies, said on Friday that the Israeli military operations to find the kidnapped youths in the West Bank turned out to be exploitation of a tragic event.

A Palestinian teenager named Mohammed Dudin was reportedly killed amid clashes between the security forces and Palestinians in the village of Dura, near Hebron.

“The lives of the three missing boys are no doubt important,” Tibi said. “But those who claim and behave as though their lives are more important than Mohammed Dudin’s life, or the lives of an entire people, promote a double standard and a despicably elitist outlook.”

Tibi also condemned the “destruction of hundreds of homes and offices,” “mass arrests” and the “shooting of civilians and demonstrators” carried out by the IDF.

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