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Jaipur Is About to witness Art Fest

jaipur-art-festival1-687x300The Jaipur Art Summit (JAS) will be held from November 7 to 11 in the Pink City, JAS chairperson Timmie Kumar told reporters.

“In an attempt to give contemporary Indian art a creative stage, we planned to hold the event, which is a collective effort by the Progressive Artists Group of Rajasthan and a few like-minded artists”. The organizers of the Art Fest said.

The state of Rajastan is rich with the legacy of the fine arts with its ‘Shekhawati Murals’, ‘Phad Scrolls’, ‘Karads’ and ‘Rajasthani Miniatures’. Fine Arts were also prompted by the erstwhile royals of Jaipur. The event, which is an effort to take this legacy forward and become the definitive one in the years to come, is the first of its kind in the state.

“We are happy that this Summit emerged from the art community itself and we see this as a Community Festival. We hope that in the coming years it will set new bench marks in the field of art”, said Timmie Kumar, Chairperson of Jaipur Art Summit.

Creative expressions across many Media and formats like canvas, visual and digital art, art installations, sculptures, interactive art and other contemporary and folk-centric expressions are expected to be displayed in Jaipur Art Summit.  A large gumut of artwork in different media will also be displayed. It will open with a pan India artists’ exhibition in which 150 artists’ work will be displayed.

Anjolie Ila  Menon, who is also the guest of honor of the Summit and art masters like R.B Bhaskardh Jatin Das, Prabhakar Kolte, and K. Muralidharan will take part in the Summit.

The Summit also includes presentations  of the installation art by eminent artists like Chintan Upadhay, Mithu Sen, Vinay Sharma, and Surendra Pal Joshi- artists who have flourished in Indian Art.

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