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Journalist Praful Bidwai Is No More

praful bidwai

Prominent journalist and political commentator Praful Bidwai died on Sunday, June 21, in Amsterdam, where he was a fellow at the Transnational Institute. He was 65 years old.

“Our dear friend Praful died unexpectedly in Amsterdam last night, 21 June. We are in shock,” read the note next to Bidwai’s bio in the international advocacy institute’s website.

Bidwai’s family friend Pamela Philipose told IANS that he died due to cardiac arrest. He reportedly choked on his food.

The former Times of India journalist was a well-known peace activist, intensely vocalagainst the dangers of nuclear technology, and one of the two winners of the Sean McBride International Peace Prize for his work against development of nuclear weapons in South Asia.

Towards the end of his four decades-long career in journalism, Bidwai was a columnist for several well known domestic and international publications.

courtesy: The Huffington Post

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