May 27, 2013 By Shauqeen Mizaj

Let Chill Brave Mr Sun


It seems as if Mr. Sun is blazing with rage devouring all the available moisture from the face of the earth. Such is the temperature nowadays with every inch of our body getting dehydrated draining us of all the energy and vigor. Less vitality and less appetite continue to turn us off making the summer seem more dragging. Beat the sweltering days with two new refreshing drinks that will chill you down and help you escape the heat for a while.

Raw Mango Relish

Raw mango- 2

Sugar- 4 tbsp

Lemon- 1 tsp

Mint leaves -3-4 nos.

Ice cubes

Blend all the ingredients together. Pour into serving glasses, decorate with mint leaves and serve chilled.

Chilly Surprise

Cucumber- 1

Coriander leaves- half a handful

Mint leaves- 3-4

Salt to taste

Ice cubes

Blend all the above ingredients. Pour into serving glasses and serve chilled.

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