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Modi Wave Engrossing India


As most votes registered in the recently held Parliament election in India have been counted, it is certain that the next Prime Minister of India would be Narendra Modi as has been expected. While this report is being drafted, the BJP-led NDA is leading in 337 seats out of 543 seats, among which the BJP is leading in 281 seats. BJP is expected to singlehandedly win a majority of votes and to form the government. Narendra Modi won two seats in which he contested. Indian National Congress will get a historical drubbing, as the party is leading in a mere 48 seats and the UPA coalition led by the party is leading in 59 seats.  UP state, which determines the turnaround in the election, favours BJP with the party leading in 67 seats out of 80. In Bihar, BJP won 28 seats out 40. In Gujarat, the state of Narandra Modi, the BJP is leading in 26 out of as many seats. Congress scion Rahul Gandhi and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi are leading and expected to win. The much publicized Aam Admi Party (AAP) and the Third Front, which includes the Left parties, failed to make any impact. So did the national parties such as Samajvadi Party and Bahijan Samajvadi Party. The failure of the UPA coalition to deliver on its promises of boosting up the economy after it was mandated by a whopping majority in the last election was translated into a big ant-incumbency factor, which was exploited to the advantage of NDA by the campaign which presented Modi as a man of growth despite negative factors such as his much feared autocracy  and Hindu nationalism.

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