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Palestinian Prisoner Smuggles Sperm Home; Wife Gives Birth

2_2The wife of a Palestinian prisoner in an Israel jail delivered a baby boy on Friday from the sperm smuggled into Gaza, her family said. Hana Al Za’anin, wife of Tamer Al Za’anin told Reuters that she had been banned from visiting her husband who had been detained since 2006 due to undisclosed “security reasons”. The pregnancy is considered the first of its kind bringing joy to Za’anin household.

“I am tired and very, very happy,” she said hours after delivering the baby al-Hassan. She didn’t reveal how the sperm was transported out of the prison but said that its journey o from the prison to a medical lab in Gaza took around six hours where two specialists were waiting. Her husband Tamer was arrested in an Israeli army incursion into the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanoun and sentenced to twelve years imprisonment for belonging to the Islamic Jihad militant group.

The people of Gaza are barred from entering Israel for security reasons; but permits merchants and seriously ill people to enter. The insemination of prisoners’ wives led to six pregnancies in the occupied West Bank in 2013 due to more advanced clinical facilities and increased community awareness.

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