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Putin not for an Immediate War

p3Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday assured that it doesn’t have plans to seize eastern Ukraine, for the time being. The decision was welcomed with immense relief by the global markets and the White House.

For the US and its European allies, the next matter in question would be Russia’s occupation of the Crimean Peninsula. Crimea, an autonomous region of Ukraine had been under control of the Russian troops for a while and the only option left with Obama is to urge Putin not to intrude further.

Obama consulted with Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel by telephone about finding a face-saving way for Putin to withdraw in favour of international monitors. Reports say that the officials  of the Obama Administration would move forward with plans for different sanctions against Russia that would escalate over time if it continued to leave troops in Crimea. The US had suspended the forthcoming trade and investment talks and military engagements with Russia over the Ukraine crisis. Obama and Britain’s Prime Minster, David Cameron had warned Russia that it would face “significant costs” if it does not change course after deploying troops in Ukraine.

The US President said on Tuesday that he recognized that Russia has natural interests in its neighbour. He said that he would not accept what he called a violation of international law and added that Ukrainians should have the right to determine their own fate.

John Kerry, the United States Secretary of The State, had condemned Russia for what he called an “incredible act of aggression”. He visited Kiev on Tuesday to show support for its beleaguered pro-Western government.

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