July 2, 2014 By Tariq Ramadan

Ramadan Chronicle: Love


This Ramadan as well as in all Ramadans, renowned Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan speaks about the spirituality which we reignite and about its relevance to the whole lives on earth. Spirituality is in conversation with our day-to-day existence. His lecture goes on on each day of this month and we can listen to them both in French and English on his website www.tariqramadan.com 

Last year we published Tariq Ramada’s chronicles with his permission. And some of them you can read here.

Ramadan Chronicle, Day 1, 2013


A’oodubillahi Min al Shaytani al Rajeem

Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

This is the first day of our fasting. This is not an easy day, as we have to start a new life, a new rhythm and a new way of doing things. We are not eating; we are not drinking and we are starting to meditate – trying to be closer to God. Among the supplications which came to us in different forms and ways, there is a very important prayer. The Prophet (SAWS) is asking Allah: ‘Allahumma inna nas’aluka hubbak; wahubba man yuhibbuk; wa amalalladee yuballiuna hubbak‘. Oh God we are asking you for your Love, for the love of those who love you and asking you for the behaviour and actions which help us reach your love.

This is the very essence of our religion. This is what Islam is all about-to try to get His love. Remember what is said in the Quran: in Kuntum thuhibboonalla (If you love God). This is the essence of our message. It is not just trying to do good things and get reward and paradise and to avoid hellfire. That is one dimension. And the deeper dimension of our relationship with Allah is very much about Love and we are asking him for the same. His love is Light. His love is the direction, Huda. And His love helps us to be strong in this life. So this is the higher objective of our life.

At the same time we are asking him for us to be loved by people who love him. That is also very important. The quality of love which comes from people is important because the love of people who love Him is protection, which is the way we are going to be protected.

We can be loved by people who deny God. But they are denying all the principles. Then you will understand that the love of people who love God will expose us to protection in spiritual and moral terms as well as in terms of etiquette. This is where love becomes protection and our strength. The love of people who love Him acts in the way of helping us reach his Love.

That means that every day of our life, especially during Ramadan, we need to think: ‘Which types of deeds can I do in order to get His love and at the same time feel that I am doing it for His sake?

It is all about Love and Direction and about what we are trying to get out of our commitment to Him. It is mainly about Love which helps us to be closer to Him and to be loved by the people who love Him so that we can be protected and be stronger in our way. So act accordingly in order to get Love and feel there is Light. That is why we are trying to be good Muslims, especially during Ramadan. Insha Allah.

Remember never forget to tell the people you love that you love them.

This is the essence of what we are trying to say when we are asking Him for His love.

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