July 2, 2014 By Tariq Ramadan

Ramadan Chronicle: Purification

This Ramadan as well as in all Ramadans, renowned Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan speaks about the spirituality which we reignite and about its relevance to the whole lives on earth. Spirituality is in conversation with our day-to-day existence. His lecture goes on on each day of this month and we can listen to them both in French and English on his website www.tariqramadan.com 

Last year we published Tariq Ramada’s chronicles with his permission. And some of them you can read here.


While we are travelling amidst the best supplications in the Quran and Traditions trying to understand their meanings, we can see what the Messengers and prophets (peace of God be upon them all) were saying and asking Allah, when they were facing adversity; when they were facing their people’s rejection; when they were successful in what they are trying to do; and when they were facing human history or misunderstanding. In all situations, they were calling Allah to show their vulnerability as well as their commitment to the Message and the Mission.

Once Ibrahim (AS)  –  Abraham  –   was calling God and asking Him; while his people were rejecting him and his Message: ‘rabbana wab’as feehim rasoolan minhum yathloo alayhim ayaathika wayuallimuhumul kitaba wal hikma wayuzakeehim. Innaka anthal aleemul hakeem. (Lord, My Educator, send them a Messenger of their own, who will recite to them your revelations, teach them the Book and purify them. You alone are the Majestic and the Most Wise.)

The three dimensions in it are very important. He was asking for his community to get a Messenger, someone who will guide them towards Light, Truth and then ask Him that the Messenger would read the Revelation and teach them the Book and at the end purify them.

In three verses Allah is speaking the same things, though in a different order. Allah says: kama arsalna feekum rasoolan minkum, yathloo alaykum ayathina wayuzakeekum wayuallimukum alkitaba walhikmata (We sent a messenger from among you to recite you our revelations and purify you and then to teach you the Book and give you wisdom)

Purification here comes second, just after Revelation and Understanding. For us, in order to get the things right, we are asking for Guidance, to follow the Messenger and recite the Quran. Month of Ramadan is the month of Quran, of the recital of Quran. Let us recite the Quran and purify ourselves – especially purify our hearts.  With this comes Understanding. Understanding of what Islam is-the deeper understanding of Islam.

Yuallimukumul Kitab. Recitation is for purification. Then you will reach the final point. Wisdom. Wisdom is to behave accordingly. Recitation, Purification of heart, Understanding with the mind and changing the behavior: these are what we have to try to do every day of Ramadan and, in fact, every day of our life.

Let us try to accomplish it every day of our life. Insha Allah. Remember: Never forget to tell people you love that you love them.

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