July 2, 2014 By Tariq Ramadan

Ramadan Chronicle: Remembrance

This Ramadan as well as in all Ramadans, renowned Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan speaks about the spirituality which we reignite and about its relevance to the whole lives on earth. Spirituality is in conversation with our day-to-day existence. His lecture goes on on each day of this month and we can listen to them both in French and English on his website www.tariqramadan.com 

Last year we published Tariq Ramada’s chronicles with his permission. And some of them you can read here.


A’oodubillahi Min al Shaytani al Rajeem

Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

This is the second day of our fasting. We are now trying to come close and close to God with our fasting and meditating on our life and trying to be better every day. We remember that the Prophet (SAWS) said to one of his companions: ‘Just after the prescribed prayers – after one of the five prayers you are performing – repeat this supplication:

Allahumma Ainnee Ala dikrika washukrika wahusni ibaadathika

‘Oh God, Help me to remember you, to thank you and show me the complete way of worshipping you, i.e. the true way of worshipping you.’

When we think of this supplication, we should try to understand what it means for us. That is, not only do we pray five times a day, not only do we fast, but every time we pray, every day we fast, Allah, through His Messenger (Peace be Upon Him), is asking us to come back to him and ask him : “Oh, God, help us to remember you.” But we are not only trying to remember Him. If you talk to a human being, you are not just asking him, ‘Please help me remember you or help me thank you.’ This is the way of showing our humility, showing how vulnerable we are in our life and asking that person to be close to us as much as we are trying to be close to him.

Like that we are asking God to help us to try to be closer and closer to Him by remembering Him every day and in everything we do, not only in our successes, but also in our failures, both in our strength and weaknesses. Thank Him: Alhamdu Lillah, Praise him:  Alhamdulillahi alakullihal (whatever happens, praise be to god)

That is the way we thank him in our lives. We praise him not through prayer and fasting alone, but by adopting the best character and behavior with our parents, kids, relatives, neighbors and fellow human beings. This is the way we remember Him and thank Him. Through our remembrance and gratitude we are reaching the highest level of worship. This is the comprehensive way of worship. It is done not just through rituals. We are making our life a way of worship, thankfulness, remembrance and knowledge that He is the one who can help us. So it is in deep humility and sense of deep vulnerability that we come to Him. This is exact point of our being close to Him and being powerful with heart and life in facing difficulties of our daily life. So we realize that those who attack us don’t understand the essence of our religion. So let us try to repeat this supplication as much as possible and remember that we need His help to remember; remember that we need his help to thank and remember that we need Him to come close to Him.Insha Allah.

Never forget to tell the people you love that you love them and it is also a way of worshipping him in the right way.

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