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Scrap Workers Cut Into Live WW II Bomb, Explosion Kills Seven

bombA suspected world war II-era aerial bomb accidently exploded in a scrapyard in Bangkok’s Lad Prao district on Wednesday, killing seven people and injuring nineteen when the workers tried to cut into it with a blowtorch.

The bomb with the origin unknown and weighing 225 kg and 3 ft (1 m) long was discovered at a construction site in Bangkok and was later moved to the scrapyard where the workers tried to break it into smaller pieces thinking it was defused.

Thai State News Agency MCOT, quoting the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s Erawan Medical Center as saying that six people died on the spot and one person, on the way to the city’s Mayo hospital. The blast caused a ten foot-deep crater in the scrapyard’s warehouse and damaged neighbouring properties.

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