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Syria: Latinos Rebuff US Plans

ciriyaThe Latin American countries unanimously opposed the US plans to launch an attack against Syria saying that this action would not only affect the Middle East but it would also be a threat to Latin America.

Countries like Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil undoubtedly rejects the US strategy believing that the intervention will further aggravate the already tense situation and will endanger international peace and security. The traditional allied nations of the US also don’tback the plan.

The Venezuelan government even tried to find a connection between the US plans and Washington’s plot to ruin Venezuela by targeting food, electricity and fuel supplies.

Different organizations like the Syrian Solidarity Movement and the Social Communication Network of the Venezuelan-Syrian Union expressed their resentment against the attack.

The only country in Latin America that backs the US plans is Panama and this will only lead to the country’s isolation. This attitude of the government is due to the solid relations of the President Ricardo Martinelli with Israel. Former ambassador to Sweden Cecilio Simon Ingles said that the country should remain neutral due to its geographical position and the Canal.

Now that Syria agreed to the Russian proposal of putting its chemical arsenal under international control, US has taken on an escape route to save the face. All eyes are on the president Bashar al-Assadwho is expected to make the next move.

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