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Tiananmen Fear: Heavy Security Imposed in Beijing.

Tiananmen with chairmen Mao portrait, Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China

A blanket of heavy security was formed in Beijing in the event of the 2th Anniversary of the pro-democracy protests in the Tienanmen Square on Wednesday with the aim of preventing attempts, if any, to publicly commemorate the day.

The Tienanmen Square protests, known as Tienanmen Square Massacre, happened on June 3-4, 1989. Also named June Fourth Incident, the event was the brutal suppression and massacre of students who had occupied Tienanmen Square, a large city square at the center of Beijing, for seven days. Troops with assault rifles and tanks attacked the protesters, resulted in causalities. Reforms aimed to decrease the role of the state in the economy, the protesters argued, failed to benefit the poor because of corruption and nepotism by the party bureaucrats.

Commentators say that the formation of security cover, much like the restriction in the country on social media activism, aims to preempt mass gathering and token protests.

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