March 16, 2015 By Interactive News Desk

US again in the Latino Quagmire


The United States has not stopped imagining an ideological enemy in the larger picture it made of a unilateral world order, a conception that has disrupted an array of democratic political processes in the world, especially that of the middle east. An African American president, whose enthroning of American presidency produced some books that claimed a post-racial democratic atmosphere in the country, has now come to the fore declaring Venezuela as a national security threat. He wrote in letter to House Speaker John Boenher that he is going to declare national emergency on account of an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States posed by the situation in Venezuela. The United States has always been in the forefront against any political manifestation that unsettles its colonial endeavors. They have toppled an array of democratic processes including that of Palestine, Egypt, Afghanistan and Iraq, to name a few. In 1985 Ronald Regan had made a similar declaration in order to impose sanctions on Nicaragua. So the new attempt by Obama to impose sanctions on Venezuela is not new to those who know the history of the country.

However, a daring response has come out from Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who said that he would travel to America to declare his stand on the issue. He says: “We demand, via all global diplomatic channels, that president Obama rectify and repeal the immoral decree declaring Venezuela a threat to the United States”. He also made the allegation that US government has plotted to topple his government.

The Latin American countries now have stood together against what they call a tyrannical approach of an imperialist country against a third world nation. Governments from Havana to Buenos have come out condemning Obama’s statement labeling Venezuela as a security threat.  In the past, if the nightmare of a union between Najad and Chavez had frightened Bush and his allies, now the Latin American outburst against the declaration of Obama has become a ‘headache’ for Obama administration.


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