March 20, 2015 By Interactive News Desk

US Iran Nuke Talks Despite Israeli Miff

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In an attempt to interdict Iran from becoming a nuclear power, John Kerry is making a desperate attempt to sit with the Iranian authorities to settle the issue diplomatically. So far, he has succeeded in reaching an agreement with the Iran that limits the latter’s nuclear production up to 20 years, while the US would continue to gaze at Iran’s move in disguise of what the Obama administration has termed as ‘monitoring’ of Iran’s nuclear developments. Iran has also agreed to lacerate the centrifuges from 10,000 to 6000.  In return, Although Iranian authorities have asked to repeal the sanctions made by the US and the European Union, they have not been given a positive response from the latter.

Having conducted several talks over the years, the US government is desperate to make sure that Iran does not become a nuclear power, thus preventing it from gaining its authority and power over Middle East. In recent talks held in Switzerland, attempts have been made to monitor Iran’s ability to enrich uranium. Although Iran has made it clear several times that the purpose of its making nuclear is peaceful, the US and its allies, while themselves being nuclear powers, have not yet stopped raising security concerns over Iran’s nuclear production.  The talks in Switzerland were not different from earlier talks in its attempt to curtail Iran’s nuclear production.

Meanwhile, Israel, while being a nuclear power, has come out condemning Obama’s negotiation processes, which, according to Prime Minister Netanyahu, would pave the path easy for Iran becoming a nuclear power. Israel, which has already angered US throughout his election campaign, now has become a big wall that stands along the way of America’s peace negotiations with Iran.

While Israel is on the verge of making yet another hard talk with the Iran, the situation has escalated as Iran made a remarkable statement on Israeli election. Marzieh Afkham, the Ministry Spokeswoman of Iran, has said on Wednesday that Iran saw no difference between the Zionist regime’s political parties, and that they are all aggressors in nature. She also said that the nuclear talks have succeeded in bringing home Iran’s interests and that serious efforts have been attempted by the US and Iran to reduce differences at the diplomatic level.

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