July 19, 2011 By S Bindhu

‘West’s hypocrisy: ‘Grass beats the tin drum’

Guntar Grass has again been in the news. Shocked earlier by his revelations about his involvement  as a seventeen-year-old in the Nazi SS during the World War II in his autobiography ‘Peeling the Onion’, the Nobel laureate author has shouted in a poem titled ‘What Must Be Said’ against the policies the Israel government is following. Published in the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, the poem describes Israel as an aggressive country. He advises Germany to stop ‘providing materials for a crime
that is foreseeable.’ The crime meant is ‘the ‘Israel’s atomic power’ with which it ‘endangers
an already fragile world peace’. In the poem he rues the silence of intellectuals on  ‘something openly practised in
war games, at the end of which those of us
who survive will at best be footnotes?’ and I’ve broken my silence
because I’m sick of the West’s hypocrisy;

Read the poem in translation from the Guardian

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